Airflow Service

    Are you noticing temperature disparities in different areas of your home? Airflow problems can often lead to hot or cold spots. One of the most common causes of airflow problems is a clogged AC or furnace filter. If the filter isn’t the source of your airflow issue, the problem is likely caused by leaking ductwork.

    Air Duct Sealing In Sterling, VA

    An easy way to determine if leaking ductwork is the source of your airflow problem is to hold your hand over the vent in the affected rooms. If the airflow is much weaker here compared to other rooms, you may have leaking ductwork.

    Give us a call to have the problem inspected and resolved as quickly as possible.

    Airflow Service

    Signs Your Ductwork is Poorly Insulated
    • Air sealing
    • Are your utility bills particularly high during the winter or summer?
    • Is it difficult to heat or cool certain areas of your home?
    • Do certain rooms have a stale smell or feel stuffy?
    • Do you notice an increase in vermin or pests inside your air ducts?
    • Are there visible gaps in your ductwork?

    If you are struggling with any of the problems above, it might be time to contact your HVAC professional for ductwork inspection. Call Meade’s Heating and Air for immediate help. We will identify the source of the problem and present you with the best options for air duct sealing.

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    Call Now to Schedule Service with Our Sterling Air Duct Sealing ExpertsAir duct sealing is designed to provide your ductwork with the necessary insulation, while also helping to prevent air loss.

    While more skilled homeowners may prefer to carry out air sealing as a DIY project, we recommend enlisting the help of a professional no matter your skill level (particularly if your ductwork is not easily accessible). By working with a licensed HVAC professional, you can enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that you will receive quality results.

    Our experts will take the time to inspect the leak and go over the best course of action. The air sealing process typically involves coating your ductwork with duct mastic and wrapping the ducts in high-quality insulation material.

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