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November 8

12 Ways to Make a Water Heater More Efficient

Your water heater uses about 17% of your home’s total energy. This means increasing its efficiency can significantly decrease your energy bills. Electric water heaters… View Article Read More

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April 10

How to Adjust Temperature on a Water Heater

Having your water heater set to the correct temperature is always important. If you have a tank water heater and the temperature is too low,… View Article Read More

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February 17

What Exactly Is a Point-of-Use Water Heater?

A point-of-use water heater, or POU water heater, can provide instant hot water to certain points in your home with almost pure efficiency. If you… View Article Read More

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January 10

A Guide to Adjusting Your Hot Water Temperature

Your water heater is designed to always heat water to the same temperature, which means that you usually don’t ever need to worry about adjusting… View Article Read More

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August 17

What Will a Water Heater Replacement Cost Me?

Whether your water heater has gone on the fritz or you’re trying to financially prepare for when it does, it’s necessary to have a ballpark… View Article Read More